welcome Wherever you are in the world today, your smartphone is your link to accessing information, social media, entertainment and transacting. At Future Space, we believe that providing intelligent wireless power charging solutions will be paramount to space owners seeking to enable and enhance the customer, guest and visitor experience. Aside from providing a valuable power charging service, it will create wide-ranging opportunities to connect whilst they are in your space and benefit from a deeper understanding of their behavior, frequency and preferences.
technology The role of digital technology in public spaces is to create opportunities to connect. We are passionate about finding ways to integrate inspired technology to create commercial advantage and an enhanced experience at key touch points across the retail, leisure and travel sectors. For us, it is about looking for smarter ways to connect with your customers, guests and visitors whilst they are in your space. At Future Space, we collaborate with a number of key partners to create compelling solutions, which deliver tangible impact and results.
design Being part of The Attic Group, we have access to an award wining design team with experience of the high street and travel retail sectors. This helps us to create solutions with form, function and design. With in-house manufacturing capability, this means that our designers and project management teams are engaged through the entire process from idea inception to final installation.
We are collaborating with Powermat® Technologies to design and integrate wireless power charging technology into furniture. Our integrated furniture solutions will be deployed in shopping malls, airport lounges, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. With a range of commercial options, we are excited to be working with Powermat® with planned installations across the UK and mainland Europe. With Powermat® already rolling out to 500 Starbucks locations in the US, we think that wireless power charging is the next big technology push and a great way to connect and communicate with smartphone users.
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moments In a recent Google® report about the use of smartphones, they talk about micro-moments as being the new battleground for brands. They talk about micro-moments as being key critical touch points in today’s consumer journey, and when added together they determine how that journey ends. The challenge facing brands and space owners is how to ensure that they are front of mind when those micro-moments arise.
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